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Where Attention focuses … there is an ‘expansion’ that follows the Intention ‘of’ that Attention.

For thousands of years spiritual aspirants have used cloistered environments where austerity was self imposed to ‘narrow’ their attention so that a one-pointed focus on Truth could more easily be maintained. Meditation has the same Intension, funneling thought down to a single focus, in many cases – the breath. Ultimately, Liberation or Self Realization is the Intension … basically, the full and continuous Awareness of the SELF, your One and ‘only’ Real identity.

Look at what is occurring macrocosmically throughout the world at the moment [from early 2020]. The slumbering God-SELF, the sleeping Beauty YOU Are, has been kissed and ‘is’ Awakening. This vignette of ‘cloistered’ living that most of humanity feels has been ‘imposed’ upon it is really as aspect of that Awakening … a ‘taste’ of the focus required to ‘remember’ Who YOU Really Are. It matters NOT ‘how’ this has been brought about … that is simply the ‘story’ being enacted in the Grand Dream you are Awakening ‘from’.

At a deep level, the rapidly Awakening God-SELF has orchestrated this ‘lock down’ as an integral part of the Great SHIFT that is taking place.


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