When you finally realize [beyond a mental concept] that the body-mind as well as the world/universe is NOT real, a veil is permanently pulled from before your Awareness. Nothing can convince you again that these illusions are genuine. However, you don’t all of a sudden enter some mystical heaven, you simply ‘know’ … not just believe that the life you have been experiencing was a dream. You are still ‘in’ the dream … but now as a ‘stranger in an increasingly strange land’.

Gently [usually] this Awareness [which is Who You Really Are] seems ‘pulled’ … not in a direction [since time and space is fading along with any remnant of belief in separation], but to an ‘expanded view’ of IT SELF [Truth]. The dream ‘props’ become more and more ephemeral as what is Real Expands. As a result, you may often find that you are feeling ‘spacey’ as it relates to your still functioning dream world as the Light of Truth draws you increasingly inward to IT/YOUR SELF.

And yet the dream life actually functions far more easily than ever before … not grander [although that ‘is’ a possibility if there is a purpose for it], but somehow and often more effortless and without conscious and even physical exertion. This is a phase between ‘being lost and being found’ when total Awareness of the God You Are shines in an unbroken Light.

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