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Within the Grand Dream most believe is reality, opposites ‘seem’ to exist because the belief in separation gives the illusion that Wholeness [ONE] is NOT present. This manifests through the experience one has in many ways in the ‘form and/or experience’ of ‘lack’. One of these manifestations is that of ‘illness’ in the body [in a myriad of ways]. The mind then looks for remedies, as it does for every kind of so-called ‘lack’. For most, this takes on the form of some kind of medicine, either allopathic [drugs and surgery] or natural … or both.

Both the illusion of illness ‘and’ the cure for it are based solidly on this ‘separation’ belief. Where one places their beliefs under this ‘core’ belief, when combined with ‘Attention, Intention and Passion’ … experience follows. For one, an illness may take the form of a flu and the cure an antibiotic. For another the remedy is a combination of natural ingredients such as herbs, teas and perhaps visualization. If they have what some would call ‘positive results‘, it is ‘because of’ the belief associated with the remedy – NOT because of the remedy since the illness is a dream and the remedies also dreams. It is simply the mind ‘making-up’ different dreams scenarios.

The SELF YOU Really Are ‘is’ LOVE [NOT the conditioned love most believe in]. LOVE is ‘ONE’ [Whole] without divisions such as health or illness. The Awareness of Who YOU Really Are is therefore ‘Whole’ and knows nothing of division. If a body still exhibits signs of disease [for example], this is the residual momentum of the Collective Conscious belief ‘in’ separation and division [within the dream] … the body thereby has its own destiny – SELF Awareness stands ‘beyond’ the manifestation of any dream and is always ONE/Whole no matter what disguise it temporarily wears.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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