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LOVE is all there ‘is’. IT is another name for God or SELF or I AM or Consciousness or YOU. The universe/world that IT manifested is an emanation ‘of’ IT SELF … transient and ever changing and therefore NOT real, but the experience ‘of’ it IS Real. LOVE produced this Grand Illusion in order to express and experience the LOVE IT ‘is’. When in full Conscious Awareness of Who IT ‘is’, LOVE is the only thing that shows up, and in that case, what shows up is REAL ‘through’ the countless Un-real instruments within the illusion … such as a human body.

When LOVE forgets Who It Really ‘is’ what shows up is distorted and ‘always’ conditioned no matter how pretty the wrapping paper appears around the dysfunctional being. Most of humanity is busy trying to ‘improve’ itself [what is NOT real] in order to one day become this LOVE [by any name]. It speaks of dimensions and levels that can be attained by following all manner of spiritual gymnastics … the spiritual world is awash with these fantasies.

What is UN-real cannot be somehow improved. The body-mind-identity does not somehow evolve into LOVE … it disappears revealing the LOVE IT/YOU Are.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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An Nonamous
An Nonamous
Dec 09, 2019

I always express myself through love it can be a double edged sword, like a farmer planting seeds I never know what takes hold and grows. My bio-family is stern and stoic. Love can leave me empty and retreating into meditation is the only way I I can refill. I am love and proud the hurts come from the shunning. Just food for thought. Am I taking care of myself by refilling myself or am I selfish

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