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The ‘example’ of Truth is the simple most effective wayless-way to ‘shift’ attention from the insidious influence of the false self’s propagation of ignorance. Silence is chief among the expressions of Truth … the emanation of Peace that Truth radiates naturally. Compassion, which does not foster victimhood in those who suffer, the complete lack of fear, the absence of attachment to outcomes, expecting nothing and identifying with nothing are other expressions of Love’s influence on the constant agitation of the false-self-body-mind-identity [person].

While these expressions can be ‘imitated’ by the mind, they cannot be expressed with anything like the power of one who stands in Truth ‘as’ the SELF.

To touch the world dream in any meaningful way … first this false ‘me’ individual identity must ‘die’. Then, ‘as’ this ‘Emptiness’, the SELF ‘will’ be revealed and shine ITs Light into the darkness of the world dream automatically.

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