Love cannot be ‘taught’ … IT is ‘revealed’ as the Reality of Who You Are. IT does not ‘grow’ … IT is exposed more and more as the clouds of your conditioning dissipate. IT is not ‘earned’ … being an ever-Present existing expression of the ONE – YOU. You do not ‘evolve’ upward toward Love, there is no ‘place’ where Love is not, being boundless.

In the midst of the deepest darkness – Love ‘is’. The ‘humility’ borne of ‘suffering’ opens the inner knowing and ‘there’ … Love is experienced. In the bent knee of ‘surrender’ … even if not yet absolute, Love is felt.

There is no evolution of anything Real … only Awareness of Love ‘seems’ to evolve as the chains of ancient beliefs fall away. Where there are ‘no beliefs’ of any kind – Love Simply ‘is’. As the load of your attachments lightens – Love replaces what used to capture your ‘attention’.