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Love cannot be ‘taught’ … IT is ‘revealed’ as the Reality of Who You Are. IT does not ‘grow’ … IT is exposed more and more as the clouds of your conditioning dissipate. IT is not ‘earned’ … being an ever-Present existing expression of the ONE – YOU. You do not ‘evolve’ upward toward Love, there is no ‘place’ where Love is not, being boundless.

In the midst of the deepest darkness – Love ‘is’. The ‘humility’ borne of ‘suffering’ opens the inner knowing and ‘there’ … Love is experienced. In the bent knee of ‘surrender’ … even if not yet absolute, Love is felt.

There is no evolution of anything Real … only Awareness of Love ‘seems’ to evolve as the chains of ancient beliefs fall away. Where there are ‘no beliefs’ of any kind – Love Simply ‘is’. As the load of your attachments lightens – Love replaces what used to capture your ‘attention’.

When the Grand dream is exposed as the illusion it is, what you experience ‘if’ you remain ‘in’ it, is Love ‘as’ All That Is. And in the endless-end of timelessness you become Aware that Love ‘is’ Who You Really Are.

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