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-‘Resistance’ EXPANDS what is resisted as does all ‘focused attention’ on anything. When you resist what you perceive to be undesirable … you get ‘more’ of it. This is the influence fear has on what manifests.

-Saying YES to WHAT IS, is the same as ‘Loving’ What Is. It is the same as ‘Loving’ YOU ‘as’ the SELF.

-There ‘is’ nothing but the SELF … no matter HOW it shows up.

-This expression of Love [YOU – the SELF ‘are’ Love] ‘to’ IT SELF, neutralizes the influence of what is NOT the SELF – any manifested illusion.

-This does not neutralize your ‘pre-destiny’ [whatever that may be] … it simply ‘adds nothing’ to the ‘conditioning’ that manifested your pre-destined experience in this life … and, it leads to the SELF’s ‘vision’, which sees the Truth [Love] in All That Is.

This is why Loving the disease is the SELF’s way of expressing Truth

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