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Mind reading is another name for psychic ‘seeing’, which can take in all the senses and allow the ‘reader’ to become aware of the Grand Dream’s play of illusions with a ‘wider’ and ‘subtler’ view and can be a very useful ability with which to navigate the dream. Nevertheless, this is still awareness ‘of’ the dream ‘only’ and is NOT real. The monitor of what is Real is simple: ‘Does it have a beginning and an ending?’ From a soap bubble to a universe, that which is time and space and separation bound … ‘is’ an illusion. What is Real is Now-eternal.

The Intuition is a much different faculty. It is like a ‘telephone line’ to the SELF You Are ‘from’ ITs slumbering God-SELF counterpart. It always presents what is Real full blown and spontaneously. The Intuition cannot be so-called ‘developed’ as psychic abilities can. It arises naturally as one’s Awareness Expands and this occurs as the clouds of conditioning dissolve. The ever-Present ‘sun’ of Truth is simply ‘revealed’ when this happens.

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