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The miraculous Life ‘is’ the normal experience of the SELF when IT is ‘aware’ of Who IT Really Is. The false self has a litany of ‘beliefs’ [beginning with separation] and from there ‘rules’, which it invented that explain ‘how’ things are ‘supposed’ to happen. This is then tied to elaborate educational systems that teach ‘how’ to use and hopefully manipulate circumstances so that they align with the most ideal outcomes. Both these ‘ideal’ results and the ‘ways and means’ to achieve them are all emanations of the complex dysfunctional conditioning each false self has in their unique world.

Miracles are then considered [if at all] as ‘very rare’ experiences and that belief alone ‘makes’ them rare. The one centered in and ‘as’ the SELF [God - Consciousness] knows nothing of rules [nevertheless, ITs activities always resonate with UN-conditioned Love]. IT flows in ‘each moment’ and experiences Life miraculously … and in that awareness the very concept of miracles disappears. Nothing is impossible. From effortlessly finding a parking space on a crowded street [something many have experienced] to rising from the dead … are considered equal since there is no hierarchy in the miraculous.

The false self yearns for and loves the phenomenal and spectacular while the SELF lives in unbroken ‘balance’ knowing what is unfolding is Love hidden with the dream of infinite contrasts.

A #1 AMAZON - NEW RELEASE in 45-Minute read

"THE AFTERMATH" - by John McIntosh

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