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Humanity is currently experiencing a ‘narrowing of its attention’. ‘How’ this is occurring is far less important then ‘what’ it is offering.

The world entered a ‘sound-byte’ environment when the Internet and social media came into popularity just over 20 years ago. For most, their attention span is very, very short and interest must constantly be ‘stimulated’ in order to gain that attention, whether it is from person to person, person to the world or person to what is actually Real – ‘within’. This is one of the ‘last ditch’ attempts of the collective-false-self to ‘distract’ the slumbering God-SELF You Are from awakening completely during the SHIFT in Consciousness that is now fully under way.

The global ‘lock-down’ of many routine activities has ‘narrowed’ one’s options so much so that attention is being ‘forced’ into more and more ‘restrictive’ possibilities. This is far more than just a metaphor for the ‘inner’ Silence that accompanies spiritual Awakening … it is [in most cases] an involuntary turn inward toward the Silence You Are as the SELF. Freedom is NOT an option … IT is Who You Really Are and is now ‘pulling’ humanity HOME with more ‘influence’ than ever before.

Saying YES to this unique opportunity will very quickly show you the profound ‘opening’ to Truth that has presented IT SELF.

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