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Neutral does not express opinions. It does not resist, complain, react or judge. It ‘observes’.

If you are driving a stick shift automobile in either forward or, and then shift into ‘neutral’ the car will continue moving for a while due to the already existing momentum. This is true of your life experiences as well. In the neutral position of non-reaction … of observation, you will still experience some of the momentum of a given situation, but you will NOT be adding to it. In spiritual terms you will not be creating more karma with which to express the same ‘type’ of experience again. This is saying YES to ‘What IS’. This means that the ‘conditioning’ that defines the false-self-identity [attachments, expectations and identifications] is NOT being ‘Expanded’ … it is being witnessed or observed as something which is NOT who you are.

The false self will complain that this is boring or not living because it requires constant ‘involvment in activity’ in order to ‘feel’ alive despite its roller coast ride between happiness and sorrow. The addiction to this constant ‘ride’ must burn out before ‘Neutral’ becomes ‘consistently’ appealing, but there is no need to force it … your Freedom is inevitable because that ‘is’ Who You Really Are.

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