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When you have finally surrendered ‘fully’ to the ONE, the LIFE, the TRUTH … the Real YOU, you are ‘never’ left wanting [in the sense of being without]. This is the animating power that grows the flowers, feeds the birds, manifests galaxies and orchestrates numberless processes within your body without your slightest awareness. IT ‘knows’ each meticulous thread in the tapestry of the Grand Dream, and this includes your every ‘real’ need in each moment as you navigate through the phenomena of the illusion this world is.

Your part is ‘simple trust’ … such a small, fragile and seemingly impossible thing when eons of dreaming have placed personal ‘control’ on a pedestal. To fall empty handed into the arms of this Infinite, Loving Source of All That Is [this forgotten YOU], feels like ‘death’ … and this is true in that the flimsy, unreliable and fickle power of the body-mind-identity must be ‘completely’ laid aside in favor of this ‘unseen and unknown’ power. And yet, within a very short time [clock time] of making this tiny but grand surrender you WILL discover that you are ‘never’ again left wanting.

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