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Understanding anything that ‘comes and goes’ [the entire universe], is merely being an expert at the functioning of illusions.

The mind can conjure dreams without end as distractions ‘from’ itself. When finally, you turn the Light of your Attention on the mind [the source of the Grand Dream], it will begin to shrink. This inward turning focus is the choice to ‘know’ what is Real … and IT needs no explanation. Anything you really ‘need’ to know about Truth will simply reveal IT SELF to you without your asking or search, precisely when IT is required.

Searching for Truth is like looking in a mirror with eyes closed.

It is the mind [the searcher] which is in the way … or so it seems. When the mind [the false-self-identity] is ‘looked past’, the Truth You Are, which is never NOT Present, is revealed. This searchless-search occurs naturally through the “Who am I” of Self Inquiry.

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