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Updated: Mar 19, 2020


When the endless stories that permeate the Grand Dream become ‘dramatic’, such as through the current ‘pandemic’ or the recent ‘wildfires’, widespread fear and even panic accompany the events. World vigils often accompanied by prayer for relief soon follow.

There ‘are’ however, no accidents or coincidences within the dream most believe is real. Everything is orchestrated by one’s ‘conditioning’ at birth and co-ordinates with the collective conditioning of humanity ‘precisely’.

Everything is predestined and is not and cannot be somehow ‘changed’ no matter what attempt the false self makes with its illusory belief in ‘control’.

What ‘is’ important is to look ‘beneath’ these global dramas for the silver lining, which in these cases is the accentuated emphasis on ‘looking within’. Currently, the planet is going through a phase where the dysfunctional Divine Masculine is being balanced by the Divine Feminine [also a dream within the Grand Dream]. This brings about many dramatic ‘shifts’ that disrupt the normal status quo humanity is used to, thereby shaking its complacency and bringing many to their knees in surrender where Truth can begin to dawn on them.

Embrace these opportunities … they are enormous blessings.

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