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There ‘is’ no division of any kind in ‘what’ you observe, ‘the act’ of observing and ‘you’ the observer … they are an unbroken ONE-ness. Consciousness seems to be many things, but this is the grand illusion it uses to ‘know’ IT SELF … and for a while [eons in clock time], forgets IT is doing this. The waves and particles of quantum physics that flicker the manifested universe(s) into being are also part of this grand illusion Consciousness uses to create the ‘show’ of separation.

Consciousness [Who You Really Are] gives numberless labels to these temporary appearances to further solidify their apparent reality. Words like good and bad are made up titles to offer contrast for Consciousness to ‘taste’ its creations on a sliding scale. ITs forgetfulness of IT SELF allows a ‘concrete’ feeling of reality to exist in this grand play of ever changing and deep dreaming. Nevertheless … IT ‘is’ YOU. We are ‘all’ IT – ONE and we have bought into this deception completely.

Where it not for suffering, we would not consider the possibility of anything else. Suffering is the EXIT sign leading ‘out’ of the theatre of dreams. It is always lit and largely ignored while the cinema plays its seductive stories and dramas on the blank screen of Consciousness. However, eventually the nagging persistence of suffering gains our undivided attention and we choose to leave the theater. That moment has arrived for many … fear not, what lies beyond the flickering dreams of slumber far transcends anything the theater had to offer.

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