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Once you reach the milestone [despite there being no distance to IT] of the Awareness [not merely intellectual belief] of Who You Really Are, it is not possible to ‘go back’ into the dream as a dreamer.

You may indeed remain in the Grand Dream for a prolonged period of ‘clock time’ but it can no longer molest you with its myriad of masks, seductive dances and bag of tricks. You ‘see’ it clearly for what it is, a holographic projection on the screen of the Consciousness You Are. You literally ‘know’ everything that seems to be happening ‘is’ YOU despite also being aware that it is NOT real [a Divine Dichotomy] … the experience ‘of’ it by Consciousness ‘is’ Real but ‘not’ the dream since it is a projection.

Anything that comes and goes … what is temporary - from a soap bubble to a universe, is an illusion – Truth is eternal.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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you nailed it John! Such simplicity in word. Thank you 🙏

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