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The mind … the false-self-body-mind-identity believes in and sees hierarchies everywhere and it either bows to them or reviles them depending on the influence they seem to have over the world and its personal life experiences. ‘Levels’ of every kind accentuate the illusion of ‘separation’, which is the underlying cause of the dream world that the false self lives in. This is why the concept of ‘competition’ is rampant in virtually every aspect of life … not just in sports, business and fashion for example, but also education and religion together with a global industry devoted to self improvement. Out of competition, the various darker corridors of one’s programmed illusory self image finds fertile ground to expand conflict and drama.

The first version of hierarchal separation is one’s own belief in ‘who’ they are as an individual person. This spreads out like a root system into every area of life all the way up to the belief in ‘a’ God [if that belief is admitted to], which the false self believes is both vastly superior and ‘out there’, far away. Even the believer in ONE-ness has great difficulty accepting that God [ONE] is Who They Really Are. Belief in hierarchies is a jailer, hidden in plain site that ‘locks-in’ the personal identity as genuine and keeps Real Freedom somewhere way out in the future.

The God-SELF ‘knows’ there is no such thing as hierarchies and that ‘all’ is ONE no matter what outward appearance it may take on. The Truth is, there is no one and nothing above ‘or’ below YOU … the Real YOU. There ‘is’ no ‘contrast’ in Reality. Everything you see is a made-up projection, no more real than a comic book hero or villain playing out on the blank screen of Consciousness, which is Who You Really Are. The ‘screen’ is where to place your Attention – NOT what is projected ‘on’ it. That is where the Emptiness/Nothing-ness is and where your Freedom lies.

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