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Cigarettes do NOT cause cancer, cholesterol does NOT cause heart disease, stress does NOT cause high blood pressure, poor nutrition does NOT cause immunity dysfunctions! There is no physical cause for anything ... everything that manifests, arrives due to Attention, Belief and Passion. Manifestation may use a vehicle such as smoke as a conduit for a physical message such as lung cancer, but its cause began with the ‘Attention’ that was paid to a ‘Belief’ and the degree of ‘Passion’ that fueled that belief.

For example, ‘shame’ can make you feel like you can’t breathe. If you do not at some point look at what brought you to shame and transform that error your attention on it, usually unconscious by then buried deeply under mountains of distraction, sedation and running … WILL find a way of getting you to consciously look at it ... such as lung cancer.

Whether you recognize the cancer or heart attack or stroke or diabetes as a message with far deeper roots than physical behavior is another matter. The false self does NOT understand ‘real cause’. As a result, these messages are usually missed and either the body departs this earth, or the SELF looks for different outlets to get the attention of the slumbering God-SELF. Guilt, shame, remorse, unworthiness and all other branches of that core tree of ‘conditioning’ are just veils hiding the Real You. As long as you believe you are a separated body-mind-identity [persons], they will grow branches and send you messages through your body and experiences to look at the buried conditioning hiding the Real Self. This is the ‘Divine Discontent’ that turns your Attention inward where Truth resides.

#11 -sent from our Retreat at the Forest in the Sky - Flamingo Dai Lai Resort in Vietnam

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