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NO 'you'


There ‘is’ no ‘you’ … no individual-personal-self that possesses things, does things or thinks things that have any reality whatsoever. This is usually only ‘danced around’ while speaking about pursuing or Being the SELF [by any name]. There is usually an intellectual ‘knowing’ that occurs before True KNOWING, and it can be a very deep mind-trap where this illusory ‘me’ believes it has ‘arrived’ at the Truth. It is very common to hear “I am Peace” or “Love is the way” and while high sounding and momentarily cozy to write about or utter words like these, unless one’s Peace is unbroken and the Love extends effortlessly to the entire Grand Dream as the imaginary garment the SELF is wearing … then the words are of the false self called ‘me’.

Scrupulous authenticity is a prerequisite for genuine Freedom and when one has made it their one and only focus NO MATTER WHAT, they are constantly turning over every stone that may seem to hide the Awareness of Who They Really Are. This is ‘standing in this fire fire of who you are NOT’ and it is extremely uncomfortable … and yet during this vigilance, there is always a subtle and continuous flow of Peace and a sense of being surrounded in enormous support.

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