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The idea that you are a ‘person’ is at the foundation of all your trouble. ‘YOU’ are not anything that comes and goes. Trying to somehow be a ‘good’ person, a ‘better’ person, a ‘new and improved’ version of this person keeps you tied to the merry-go-round of individuality, which is separation. It is a highly seductive and very popular concept … and totally false.

The downside is filled with misery; “I’m not good enough … I’m to fat … I don’t have enough education … I come from a dysfunctional family”, and the list goes on and on. None of this is Who You Really Are and has absolutely nothing to do with what is Real. Even those who ‘get’ this usually fall back into the programming of ‘I’ as a separated, individual person. When you ask “Who am I” you are stepping away from this conditioning. This is simply allowing Truth to inform you ‘When and How IT will’. Your part is to ask the question, then let the God-SELF You Are do the heavy lifting. You cannot ‘make’ yourself anything … you can only ‘discover’ the God you already ARE.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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