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The false self dwells in an illusory world of ‘contrast’ where everything is experienced in shades and tones on an infinite scale of what it calls good and bad or ‘evil’ when the belief in this separated dream-realm is extreme. It is the tightest prison imaginable … and that ‘is’ what is occurring - the manifestation of the imagination … ‘it is NOT as it seems’. There ‘is’ no Reality to it at all, its just an idea, made up in the mind and projected into a world that each individual experiences as ‘unique. Even the concept of individuality is an illusion reinforced by this ‘false self’s’ belief in separation.

Reality is EMPTINESS - SILENCE - NOTHING-NESS … but with infinite potential and possibilities to manifest ‘any temporary thing’ - be it a soap bubble or a universe. As soon as that manifestation shows up, it becomes an illusion that the ONE SELF has projected on the screen of Consciousness [another name for IT SELF]. In this way IT can taste and savor and ‘know’ IT SELF - [either fully Conscious of Who It Really Is or totally oblivious … as is most of humanity].

It is at a ‘turning point’ such as the beginning of a New era of Peace and Light, such as is now occurring, that many of its sleeping aspects make the turn within toward the fully Aware state. Such is the enormous opportunity that lies in the intense dysfunction that humanity is now experiencing. When fully Aware [Conscious], this illusory panorama is recognized as ONE … ‘as’ YOU appearing as many. In this True Knowing ‘LOVE’ is experienced in ITs unbroken Beauty.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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