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NOT knowing means allowing the mind’s version of reality to fall away. This vacuum opens the Heart to ‘in the moment’ KNOWING. The mind’s knowing is NOT ‘real’ Knowing but ‘beliefs’ based on historical data, which are always skewed and constantly changing - subject to endless debate. The Heart has an infinite capacity while the mind is finite. The Heart in its current status for most of humanity is at least ‘constrained’ by the mind. In this regard IT slumbers at various levels of ‘un-awareness’ of Truth.

Nevertheless, ALL experience vignettes of Truth. For example, through exquisite music, the Beauty of Nature and the innocence of babies. The mind quickly reasserts control for most unless one is consciously focused on Freedom from the illusory experiences the mind projects. ‘Absolute Knowing’ is Who You Are … it is not something you can ‘attain and have’, as with ‘all’ mind related experiences that can then be taken from you. For this Natural state of Awareness to return, the mind must slip back into its rightful role as ‘servant’ to the Heart while the personal ‘me’ identity ceases to exist.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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