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Nothing is impossible has two meanings … within the Grand Dream, the universe-world that most of humanity believes is reality. Thought combined with focus and passion manifests every ‘thing’ and every ‘experience’. If an idea or vision is given sufficient ‘attention’ [focus] and enough ‘passion’ associated that focus … it WILL manifest. One’s conditioning brings the ‘desire-concept’ to mind and also ‘taints’ the end result of it … and in many cases sabotages it after it manifests. In this way - ‘nothing is impossible’ to achieve, notwithstanding the fact that these manifestations are simply more dreams made up within the Grand Dream and that these dream-events produce the roller coaster of happiness and sorrow that the false self continually experiences.

Secondly, the ‘Nothing-ness’ that is the Real YOU is also impossible because IT is always Present and cannot be ‘achieved’ - only ‘recognized’ when all conditioning is dissolved.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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