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The constant parade of thoughts are ‘not’ YOU. However, when you identify with any thought it molds your circumstances and behaviour and becomes who most believe they are - ‘me’. To say or think: “of myself - I am nothing” … IS Truth. There are no ripples to disturb Awareness when this is your focus and when the ‘water’ of consciousness is still … there ‘is’ clarity. This nothing-ness or emptiness is also ‘All That Is’ … in potential. This seems like a contradiction but it is not. The nothing-ness that YOU Really Are takes what is Perfect from the ‘menu’ of All That Is and sculpts each exquisite moment YOU express … which could be absolute stillness or elaborate activity.

The simplicity of this is ‘non-attachment’ … this is Freedom ‘from’ all that comes and goes, which binds most to the stories and dramas that emanate from thought making them ‘seem’ real. This state of Freedom is always NOW … in each moment - ‘not’ in some distant future-hope that does not exist.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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Yes beautifull always Nottingham always know and the key No attachment

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Thank you for sharing

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