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‘YOU’ … the Real YOU, does not and has never gone anywhere. There ‘is’ nowhere to go.

Consciousness [YOU], is beyond all concepts of time, space, distance and location. It is boundless and everything that seems to be happening … the grand dream of this universe, is [seems to be] occurring ‘within’ IT. YOU do not ‘move’ nor [really] does the dream. Like a movie on a screen, there is no movement other than the illusion that is playing out on the screen. You sit in the audience and the dream world including your body-mind-identity seems to move as in the movie.

It is your identification and attachment with what you are witnessing that makes it ‘seem’ as if you are actually ‘doing’ some things … but no matter how dramatic those things are, nothing is really happening.

By asking “Who am I?” you return ‘sooner rather than later’ to your SELF [Consciousness] as the Freedom You Are, and the dream is seen clearly for what it is.

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