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Everything in the Grand Dream ‘is’ a dream … even Light. “Let there be Light” was a metaphoric command by Consciousness as IT projected the dream on ITs screen [within]. Within the dream, produced by the contrasts emanating from the illusion of separation, many dream-frequencies manifested … an almost infinite range of dream-vibrations. It is in the nature of contrast to extend ‘from far to close’ the full Awareness of the the God YOU Are. Consequently, some accentuate forgetfulness while others expand the remembrance of Who YOU Really Are.

When you arrive at the crescendo of ‘frustration’ with the dream and choose Freedom as your priority focus, it becomes simpler for the Awareness of the SELF to ‘expand’ by embracing frequencies that most closely resonate with IT. Nature, beautiful music, Silence and exposure to peace-filled scenarios are examples. As you say YES to this there is no need to ‘try’ to figure out what are the most conducive vibrations for you to align with … simply BE OPEN and they will show up, tugging your Awareness more and more into the Light [Awareness of Truth].

The old seductive frequencies that kept you bound to the dream ‘will’ continue to dance enticingly before you, even more so now that you have chosen to ignore them. Simply focus on Freedom and ‘watch’ them pass by on the stage of illusions as you remain OPEN to Truth.

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