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When there seems to be a kind of communication beyond what you may call ‘me’, such as prayer, inner direction from so called guides of any kind including what some call masters, sages and angels or voices from other dimensions or planets … all of these exchanges are ONE [when they are unfettered by conditioning]. ONE or Consciousness or the SELF is ‘always’ ONE and ‘never many’ … although, shining through the infinite facets of Consciousness like a diamond, it can ‘seem’ like many. Still, there ‘is’ only ONE. To believe otherwise is to foster the concept of separation and thereby solidify the illusion of individuality that imprisons one to the Grand Dream. There ‘is’ no hierarchy … only ONE.

However, most of these kinds of communication are simply accumulated learning and beliefs filtered ‘through’ one’s own mind and/or from entities ‘trapped’ between incarnations, pretending to be some kind of spiritual authority [also part of the Grand Dream]. When one’s focus is dedicated totally to Freedom [the Truth], the conditioning of the body-mind-identity called ‘me’ is quickly dissolving back into the SELF Who can then begin to be ‘heard’ as IT speaks ‘to’ the ‘slumbering’ part of IT SELF.

This voice may ‘show up’ with a ‘name’ that in some way ‘feels’ Divine, but IT is still only and always the SELF radiating at a specific frequency that resonates … for example, with Love or Beauty or Peace. ONE is always ONE. The unbroken Awareness of this ‘is’ Freedom.


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