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There ‘is’ only the ONE SELF and in ITs slumbering aspect [as well as ITs fully Awake state], it is YOU - the Real YOU. The dream ‘YOU’ are having as an individuated identity called ‘me’ is the ‘only’ dream there is. As you read this YOU are dreaming there is ‘another’ one who wrote it … but there is NOT. This writer is an actor in YOUR dream writing ‘YOUR’ words for this ‘me’ illusion to nudge YOUR slumbering God-SELF awake … YOU waking YOU.

In deep sleep there is NO dream. The great swath of historical data you ‘seem’ to have accumulated throughout the illusion of something called ‘time’ remains as a memory, an aspect of the veil of conditioning that keeps YOU from YOU. That memory ‘instantly’ re-creates [manifests] YOUR dream world/universe on awakening into YOUR daytime dream. See how on first arousing, disorientation to this re-birth of illusions often occurs. The infinite ‘holographic pixels’ of YOUR dream are ‘re-formed’ from YOUR memory and there YOU are [seem to be] - back in your world/universe [dream].

There is no such thing as evolution … the SELF is always WHOLE, the dream ‘seems’ to evolve but that requires ‘time’, which is NOT possible in the ever-Present NOW. YOU are always WHOLE ‘as’ the SELF, it is the dream that ‘seems’ to diminish and separate, but that is NOT possible. This is why EMPTINESS-NOTHING-NESS returns YOU to YOU. ‘All’ your so-called ‘great’ learning must be dropped for this Awareness to return.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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