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There is ‘only’ the SELF

Call it Consciousness, I AM, ONE or God … these terms mean the same One-ness ‘in which’ all temporary things and circumstances are projected … from a soap bubble to a universe. Concepts such as mind, soul and spirit are ‘made up’ and speak of a separated entity inhabiting or over-shadowing the one you call ‘me’ … despite their widespread popularity. Beyond that is an endless list of masters, angels, inter-dimensional beings, off-world voices and guides of every sort … still, there ‘is’ only the SELF … ONE is always ONE.

However, if for now these concepts bring you a feeling of well-being … so be it, but if they are go-betweens for some idea of a ‘higher presence’ acting as a intermediary to somehow make your life in the grand dream more comfortable and hopefully bring you closer to your eventual liberation … then you are fostering separation and solidifying the belief in the world/universe as real.

For thousands of years various religions and philosophies have ‘invented’ numberless entities to separate their followers from the direct ‘Awareness’ of Who They Really Are, which has never changed and has never left. True Freedom is here and Now ‘always’ and ‘only’ and never out in some unknown future where it does not exist through a myriad of spiritual gymnastics.

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