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Openness requires a degree of courage when it is ‘of the mind’, which has used all manner of defensiveness as a protection for its many fears borne of conditioning and its offspring - judgment, criticism, cynicism and sarcasm. These are some of the tools in the mind’s arsenal to prevent wounding to the fragility that it, as the false self, always feels beneath its bravado. When finally some breakthrough occurs … perhaps an act of kindness toward it, and this chink in its armour allows the power of ‘vulnerability and openness’ to occur, these weapons can fall away like shattered glass and a lightness of being pours in … even if only for a moment.

When open-Heartedness touches the mind this tiny breakthrough becomes a breach in the dam of the mind’s fear-filled masks. The conditioning that attaches so much importance to ‘appearances’ quickly begins to melt and the ‘death by a thousand cuts’ the mind has endured lose their ‘searing’ influence. This vulnerability causes the mind to ‘relax’ its iron grip of control on life as it sinks ‘below’ the Heart allowing the natural Free ‘Breath of Love’ to express IT SELF.

Long hidden under the fearful reign of tears and sorrow the mind resumes its rightful place as ‘servant’ to the gentle but powerful Grace of Heart-centered Living. Such is the experience the SELF You Are has when **Awakening begins. This is part of what is ‘dawning’ Now on humanity.

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Karen Goldman
Karen Goldman
Nov 12, 2020

that's just gorgeous. thank you.

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