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When the body screams for attention, the benign and love-filled message it brings with its rhythmic and incessant throbbing can easily be mis-read in the hazy mists of agony. This manifesting conditioning, laden as it is with ancient judgments, chaos, self hatred and a host of fears, is not somehow a condemnation or retribution for thoughts, words and deeds long past … the God You Are, the SELF, does not castigate IT SELF. The swinging pendulum of cause and effect that exists ‘only’ in the grand dream is simply attempting to balance the illusions of separation. But as this occurs the SELF uses this intense influence to ‘shift’ your attention ‘inward’ where Truth waits.

When you are on your knees, crying out to some God you desperately hope exists for relief and healing, no seductive bauble offered to you within the dream can now distract you as it has for eons. The pain exists ‘outside’ [there is really no outside] the Real YOU and your YES to ‘What Is’ allows whatever is perfect for you in the moment to flow. It may include the use of conventional medicine, some exotic treatment or the simple and sacred balm of deep Silence. The SELF knows what will draw you HOME. Ancient stubbornness and fierce attachment to the false reality of the grand dream has brought you to the fire of this moment and it is burning away what has hidden the Real YOU from YOU.

Yes … it ‘is’ happening and to deny it as ‘just an illusion’ is delusional and lacks the Compassion and SELF Love the pain seeks to ‘expand’ within your Awareness. If YES is too much for you … then say YES to your NO, no matter how loudly you feel to scream out your protest. It is your YES of non-resistance that allows what is perfect to flow. In your deepest despair know that you are bathed in the Love You Are – Always, and that All Really ‘is’ Well.

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