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‘Peace on Earth’ does not ‘happen’ since what ‘seems’ to happen occurs in an ‘illusion’ … the illusion of time and space.

Peace simply ‘IS’. IT is Who You Are [ever-Present] … another name for the ONE SELF.

You cannot ‘bring’ Peace to the planet. ‘Your’ unique world is a ‘garment’ worn by the ONE SELF You Are, and that part of ITs infinite disguises shows up according to ‘who’ you ‘believe’ you are. The Peace you seem to see and experience or NOT see and experience is a ‘precise’ mirror ‘of’ that belief. This is why dissolving the conditioning that clouds the Awareness of the ONE SELF You Are ‘is’ your one and ‘only’ Real PURPOSE … until it occurs.

You cannot ‘fix’ or ‘make the world better’ … you can only remove the blocks to the awareness of your own Perfection, which reveals the world’s inherent Perfection ‘to’ you … to the fully Aware SELF – NOT to some fictional person called ‘me’, which disappears in that Awareness.

The mind [false self] cannot conceive of the world being Perfect. The false-self-mind always ‘projects’ the world it sees into a manifestation of ‘imperfection’. The fully Aware ONE SELF ‘knows’ ONLY Perfection and in that ‘knowing’ the so called ‘Peace on Earth’ spoken of is … ‘far transcended’.

“Awake thou – those that sleepeth”.

-image by Solveig Larsen

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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