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The concept of responsibility within the Grand Dream is ‘always’ tainted by one’s conditioning through which ALL thoughts, words and deeds are ‘filtered’. No matter how altruistic one’s intensions may be, their conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory and imagination] will ‘dilute’ the final outcome in ‘exact’ proportion. The world each one experiences [and each one’s world is totally unique], is a precise mirror ‘of’ this conditioning. When this is ‘really’ understood, ALL finger pointing ‘ends’ and the turn within to Truth begins in earnest.

For one who dwells in the world ‘as’ the SELF it is ‘impossible’ for them to be anything ‘less than’ what the false self calls ‘personally responsible’. The SELF is fully and always Aware that IT is ONE … as such the natural effortless SELF Love IT ‘is’ prevents anything ‘but’ Love to emanate from IT in every moment. As a result, judgment is ‘impossible’ … and compassion is naturally extended to ALL who still sleep in dreams of separation with all the agony and ecstasy that engenders.

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