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There ‘is’ only ONE … ONE Consciousness and IT embraces everything … IT ‘is’ All That Is … IT ‘is’ YOU at various levels of Conscious Awareness ‘of’ IT SELF.

It is NOT positive or negative thinking that makes one’s world so-called ‘good’ or ‘bad’ … it is ‘thinking’ itself. The ‘mind’ [conditioning – projected on the screen of consciousness], manifests the holographic dream that most call reality … always as imbalanced experience, ‘because’ of the conditioning.

The SELF does not have ‘conditioned’ historical issues [dreams] from which to construct constant dysfunction … IT Knows [is] only Truth, which is Beauty, Peace, Love, Abundance, Joy and Freedom. When you live ‘as’ the SELF You Are, this is what you experience, even in the midst of imbalance. The ‘effects’ of positive and negative thinking never molest the SELF.

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