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Most spirituality is oriented to making one’s everyday experience in the Grand Dream more ‘comfortable’. Rarely, do we witness [as yet] … total surrender of the body-mind-identity and all its ‘so important’ activities – to the unseen Light of Truth. The mind is still in charge and uses every tactic it can to persuade the captive God-SELF You Really Are that it is ‘practical’ to be balanced in the pursuit of Freedom.

Nevertheless, no down-to-earth, pragmatic approach to Freedom can touch the Absolute balance of genuine Peace when you return to Freedom. While this ‘is’ your Natural state and has never left you, the illusion of the world and your role in it as a person is ‘very’ convincing and suggests a long and arduous journey that needs great care, determination, study and practice and above all … guidance from the so-called wise counsel from the world of minds. ‘This’ … is a total fiction, Freedom is here-Now and ever-Present.

The very same Freedom [the SELF], when totally surrendered to, will often swing your life experience wildly back and forth. This is ITs Perfect way of ‘shaking’ your entrenched complacency within the iron grip of the mind and its delusions of practicality within a world that is clearly dysfunctional on every level. When finally, you make this total surrender, all remnants of normalcy will evaporate in the fire of who you are NOT.

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