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The entire Grand Dream is interlaced with ‘promises’ made by the false self to so-called ‘other’ false selves as a vital part of its tenuous control of the life it fears so deeply … beginning with the inevitable … the fear of death, which is really the fear of the death of ‘identity’ [being nothing]. Industries sprang up everywhere to insulate these promises such as insurance, law, marriage and a seemingly limitless array of warranties and guarantees tied to every conceivable product, convenience or service.

None of these promises have any power whatsoever to bring Peace into the Heart of humanity. This is due to the unique conditioning that makes up every illusory false-self-identity. No matter how much one ‘wants’ to keep the promises they have made, their conditioning will ‘always’ take precedence over the commitments they have made. Broken promises then expand the underlying influence of all conditioning which is founded upon guilt, shame, remorse and unworthiness … insuring that the false self will maintain its iron grip over the phantom-identity it occupies.

The SELF ‘never’ promises – ever. It ‘lives’ in total spontaneity and dances with synchronicity wrapped in absolute authenticity and transparency … well beyond the most stringent interpretation of honesty, which is an ever-shifting concept. Because it ‘is’ Unconditioned Love IT SELF, every expression from moment to moment ‘emanates and radiates’ the ultimate aim of all the flimsy contrivances of the false self. IT is always in the precise ‘spot’ in the Grand Dream that is for the highest purpose of anyone or anything it is relating to [embracing]. Harmony and balance guide ITs every step and every choice and it ‘never’ mis-steps … no matter how appearances may suggest otherwise. Living ‘as’ the SELF You Are is effortless and light filled ‘as’ Joy. The concept of worry or fear never touches IT.

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