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The SELF ‘points’ to what is NOT real … NOT the Real YOU so that what ‘is’ Real can be ‘revealed. IT does not attempt to describe Truth since Infinity cannot be framed or confined.

If you were told that a global illness had a 99.6% survival ratio and that a widely promoted potential ‘cure’ for the illness had a ‘projected’ 95% ‘success’ ratio but had many possible side effects … and you ignored the survival information and chose the so-called ‘cure’ … it would not [in most cases] be because you were too lazy to investigate in order to find proof, it would be because you were ‘afraid’ of being ridiculed by friends and relatives, possibly lose your job and be caste out of your circle of influence. The fear of being ‘left out’ [invisible] is the fear of the loss of ‘identity’. This is the deepest level of conditioning ‘all’ have [unworthiness] and the ‘real’ fear of death - or ‘being nothing’ [not the loss-of-the-body fear].

This is the same fear that keeps the slumbering God-SELF trapped in the Grand Dream it believes is reality. One must be so frustrated with the dream that this fear of identity-death is ‘less than’ the frustration with the dream before they will dive deep within where Truth is found.

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