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The ONE SELF You Are ‘is’ Purity. There is no ‘blemish’ as religions often call the lack of Purity. A blemish is something … ‘anything’ that sticks to Truth that is ‘less-than’ IT. However nothing ‘can’ stick to the SELF since it is boundless and infinite, having no ‘surfaces’ to cling to. This means that what ‘appears’ as blemishes are illusions - ‘believed-into’ experience by the SELF while IT slumbers in the dream of separation. These illusory blemishes constitute the conditioning that goes on to ‘define’ the deeper illusion of person-hood and the unique equally illusory dream world-universe each seemingly individual ‘person’ manifests ‘from’ the conditioning they ‘seem’ to have.

Illusions within illusions … none having ‘any’ reality. You ‘as’ the ONE SELF are never NOT Purity. It is the belief that you are NOT pure [ the result of conditioning], that brings about the sense of guilt, shame, remorse and unworthiness that plagues the experience of ‘all’ who still slumber within the Grand Dream. Let ‘all’ beliefs go through Self Inquiry/Surrender and Awareness of Purity will return.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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