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It is common in spiritual circles today to hear: “Raise your frequency”. The question is: ‘Whose frequency?”

Who is it that is raising their frequency … and, who is it whose frequency is supposedly being raised … and HOW? For most the answer is: ‘me’. But who is this ‘me’? That is the ONLY question worth asking until one is FREE. This so-called ‘me’ is the body-mind-identity, which is a ‘fiction’ made-up out of the conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications] that arose from the original delusional belief in ‘separation’. This entity or ‘false self’ ‘vibrates’ at a certain ‘frequency’ [within a dream] based ‘precisely’ on this conditioning.

It cannot be so-called ‘raised’ through ‘any’ technique in the plethora of spiritual practices and techniques. A band aid ‘shift’ may occur through these various ways-and-means, but the conditioning will simply manifest through some other disguise ‘until’ it has been ‘dissolved. Dissolving this conditioning ‘reveals’ two things: Firstly, that this ‘me’ entity ‘was’ in fact a fiction and second the Real YOU or ever-Present ONE SELF You [All] Are – Who is beyond ALL concepts of frequency or vibration, which are simply manifestations within the Grand Dream … as is everything that has a beginning and an ending.

This fictional ‘body-mind-identity’ dissolves along with the elimination of the conditioning that made it up and it definitely is not going to assist in this process [which means its demise] … despite its constant declaration that it is. It is the ONE SELF, veiled behind this conditioning that pulls IT SELF ‘toward’ IT SELF. This occurs when the false self reaches a point of utter frustration with the endless roller coaster ride that the dream-world is and is sufficiently vulnerable for this ‘PULL’ to occur.

For this Self Inquiry/Surrender is the direct route HOME.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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What about just playing in the dream? You know it’s not real, so you can play any part or experience you want, no?

Replying to

Many who have arrived at the level of 'belief' that the world-universe is a dream, have not arrived at a sufficient level where there frustration with the dream is more than their fear of leaving it ... and do as you suggest for many lifetimes [also dreams]. Only those who choose Freedom NO MATTER WHAT are able to die before they die ... meaning the total elimination of the false self identity that reveals the True and only ever-Present ONE SELF

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