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The ‘Voice’ of Love speaks softly and always brings with IT the feeling of absolute Freedom where nothing constrains or controls. Peace is another name for the SELF or Love, and the sense that you ‘are’ Peace accompanies Love no matter what external ‘noise’ you may be exposed to. There is a feeling that everything is Beautiful in the presence of genuine Love no matter what you are experiencing. This makes no sense to the false self, which has a wide range of judgments on a sliding scale and in this way it always ‘misses’ the Beauty underlying everything.

When one is experiencing Real Love they feel completely Abundant, even if they are living on the street. Abundance is also a word for Who you Really Are and Real Love opens your Awareness to this Truth. So called ‘healing’ can also occur spontaneously in the presence of Real Love. The Real YOU has never been sick except through the illusion of the body-mind-identity. Real Love can lift you out of that illusion momentarily and bring about an instant influence on the manifested conditioning called illness. Real Love can bring you vignettes of the God you Are. Some call this an AHA, an epiphany or a satori. Welcome and embrace these moments whenever they ‘touch’ you … they are the ‘crumb-trail’ HOME.


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