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The Love YOU Are … when discovered – EXPANDS, not the Love [because IT never changes] but the Awareness ‘of’ IT, and eventually encompasses the entire universe … which is ‘in’ Love – NOT the other way around. This begins with the ‘Awareness’ of genuine SELF Love [not thought into existence but remembered as Who You Are] … then spreads from there.

SELF Love occurs naturally when the Awareness that there ‘is’ only ONE [the SELF] arises. This is far beyond an intellectual belief … it is an ‘absolute’ KNOWING.

While any conditioning remains, Attention will waffle in and out of this Knowing, but the Transformation ‘of’ conditioning back into nothing-ness unfolds at a much faster pace [in clock time] once the initial Knowing has happened. Pure Love therefore is the great ‘transformer’ of ALL that is unlike IT SELF. Again, you cannot ‘think’ this into Being. As always, a sincere and consistent focused Attention upon the Truth – the SELF [I AM That I AM or Who am I] combined with total surrender is the direct route.

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