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Everything you can experience through the senses changes and what comes and goes … is NOT real. Thoughts manifest things and experiences and these manifestations constantly change. The entire world-universe is ‘always’ changing as is the body ‘you’ are wearing. Even the concept of ‘heaven on earth’ [a happy dream], spoken of for eons and now manifesting as an age of Peace and Light - ‘will’ change.

The mind [false self], is easily bored with its projections and is always looking to manifest new, exciting and stimulating things and experiences and yet never experiences Real Peace. ‘The Peace that passes understanding’ does so because the mind cannot comprehend anything that does not change. This is why when the mind is STILL it ceases to exist and Real Peace is experienced … but by who? It is the Real YOU and what IT ‘feels’ is IT SELF, which is ever-Present. This can be accomplished temporarily through such practices as meditation or permanently through Self Inquiry/Surrender.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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