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Real work is always effortless because it occurs in the realm where the illusion of time disappears. Work is not recognized ‘as’ work in the timeless … it is always an aspect of Joy, which is another name for Truth or God or ONE … the Real You. Most have experienced this state when they dive into a project, perhaps a beloved pursuit such as gardening, painting, writing music or building something, and when they stopped they were amazed that several hours had miraculously passed without being noticed.

In that work-less work they too disappeared. The body was there and the mind had temporarily resumed its proper role as an operating system with which the real Self could navigate, but you … the Real You  … the Self was Present. When work loses the belief in time, in that moment you are experiencing the Life you are ‘as’ the Self.. You are Being Who you Really Are.

No one is exempt and ‘all’ may experience it in every moment simply by diving into their JOY. There ‘is’ only ONE of us focused through the limitless facets of an eternal diamond called Love and when that focus is on Joy you experience Reality.


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