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In the dream realm Quantum Mechanics ‘proved’ over a 100 years ago that there is ‘no such thing as matter’. There are ‘waves and particles’ and when thought is projected into the unseen waves … particles form that ‘appear’ as matter and the circumstances of everyday [so-called] life. The physical manifestations and circumstances are ‘temporary’ PROJECTIONS on the screen of Consciousness ‘within’ the ONE SELF, which is not describable being infinite and eternally the Real YOU.

Some … who have a ‘little’ Awareness, boldly and proudly declare that we are ‘one with’ the universe [which suggests again a temporary physicality] or that we are stardust thereby making us somehow grandiose. These are ideas … thoughts that embrace the idea of special-ness and therefore endorse the delusion of ‘separation’ [an individual entity called ‘me’]. Reality does NOT have a ‘timestamp’ … IT does NOT change nor does it come and go. It may be clothed in exquisite garments called Beauty, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Peace and Joy … but even then, these are simply temporary and arbitrary terms for what CANNOT be defined - being ‘infinite’.

The Real YOU ‘is’ Reality IT SELF and ALL that seems to be – that comes and goes, is the outward projection of the infinite potential that EMPTINESS [the ONE SELF YOU Are] ‘is’. This cannot be comprehended by this phantom-self [mind]. It can only be ‘known’ when this imposter [‘me’] dissolves … and then, instantly what IS – the ever-Present ONE SELF is revealed - never having gone [so-called] anywhere.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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