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Few things influence the false self more than being recognized. It means “‘I’ am being seen” … and in some way it means, “I am worthy” even if that recognition is notoriety. The attention means that the false self has been, in some way, identified as ‘existing’ and it is the nagging feeling of ‘nothing-ness’ that terrifies it more than anything because it is the precursor to its inevitable end that no artificial security or manifested wall of protection can save it from.

And yet, NOTHING ‘is’ Who We Are … Empty, ONE, Nothing as well as Full, Complete, Whole – All That Is. The Awareness of this ever-present Reality cannot be known while the ‘neediness’ for recognition still exists. The false self will argue that so-called ‘good’ needs to be highlighted so that the world can become a better place, but this is the illusory task attempted by so many who try to ‘save’ the world through a myriad of projects and actions.

Nothing of genuine Truth ‘needs’ any assistance and cannot be hidden. It appears when one is ready to receive it. One’s own Freedom [liberation] takes absolute precedence over everything else and when it is present ‘touches’ the entire world as nothing that the false self can invent. The Truly Free are ‘almost always’ unknown and obscure.

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