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Organized religions formed after [sometimes well after] one who had attained Self Realization [Buddha, Christ or Cosmic Consciousness] had left their bodies. These Shining Lights were an example of Truth rather than a ‘teacher’ or ‘guru’ of Truth since, being ‘infinite’ Truth cannot be confined by descriptions. The living example of beings such as Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Ramana, Krishna and many others ‘modelled’ how Truth ‘shows up’ in a world-dream that is built ‘on and by’ the belief in separation. Truth ‘is’ ONE or ONE SELF and in no way resembles the world most call reality.

As a ‘narrowing of attention’ that leads to a One-Pointed focus, religion and the myriad of alternative practices and disciplines available through spirituality, these ‘ways and means’ are a useful precursor to the genuine, absolute surrender ‘to’ Truth. When one is finally satiated with the world-dream and these limitless ways and means, the deep dive that is required to leave the illusion of person-hood [the delusion of a personal ‘me’] behind usually requires a mostly solitary life that dissolves all that is NOT Truth rather than searching for something that has never departed.

Its about ‘revealing’ [the real meaning of Apocalypse] Who You Really Are by eliminating who you are NOT … that is a fire that has been too hot for most until now. But now, as we move ever more swiftly into an era of Peace and Light, many will make that dive and KNOW the Truth as their Real, ever-Present identity.

“MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

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