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You are God – the SELF … you have just forgotten like displacing your glasses while they rest on your head. And in your blurry vision you have believed that your life is very small. All around you there are supporters who verify the dimness of your seeing, lost in the haze of limitation as they are. The one who proclaims the Truth seems ignorant of your plight and arrogant in their naivety.

The voice of Silence has few listeners as the noise of dreaming’s dramas continue to hold sleeping gods within the illusion that ‘this’ is normal living. It has been a long and deep sleep and tho the Light of Truth grows brighter every moment the ancient slumber is still comfortable to many, despite the growing urge to greet the dawn in this the Great SHIFT.

Sleep on awhile if you must but know the long night of forgetfulness has ended and your vacant Kingdom awaits the return of Sleeping Beauty with open and Loving arms.

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