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“She/he sacrificed herself/himself for the sake of the world and humanity.”

What does this ‘really’ mean? For one who leaves the life they knew [simple or grand] and elects to serve the world/humanity in some way it is common to express reverence and respect to that one for what they ‘apparently’ gave up and for what they are giving. However, if the one making the sacrifice is experiencing their choice as a sacrifice of a ‘lifestyle’ for a so-called higher purpose, then in many cases they are simply ‘trading’ one dream for another. That of course sounds harsh, but when one chooses Freedom NO MATTER WHAT, ruthless authenticity is required … without it one simply repeats over and over again the same conditioning that brought them back to the dream.

For example, in a given lifetime ‘guilt-conditioning’ may predominate making the ‘sacrifice’ a means to hopefully balance the scales and bring about some kind of peace [many throughout religious history made their choice to serve for this reason]. This is often far beneath the radar of conscious awareness within the grand dream and is ‘acted out’ autonomically. Some would describe this as balancing bad karma with good karma in order to become liberated … but this is NOT possible. Karma [conditioning] is still karma no matter what kind it is. As long as conditioning exists you will continue dreaming.

The only sacrifice that is ‘genuine’ is of the false self in favor of the SELF and this does not require any service or a ‘doing’ of any kind. It may occur in complete solitude and often does. However, if one ‘is drawn’ to some sort of devotional service as a pathless-path to sacrifice the false self for the SELF, then that ‘is a way’ of expanding the Awareness of Truth.

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Jurate Lukminiene
Jurate Lukminiene
Jul 14, 2019

Thank You, always something what exactly I need ❤️😍🤗👍on that moment ☀️☀️☀️

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