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Much of the spiritual global community focuses significant attention on saving the world. This is the focus of the false-self-identity that believes in separation, which in turn sees the world as ‘out there’ … but it isn’t. The world ‘out there’ cannot be so called - ‘fixed’ or ‘saved’ … only the SELF can be ‘realized’, which in Truth IT already ‘is’ … but the Awareness of this has NOT occurred for most of humanity.

The world/universe and all within it lies ‘within’ the SELF [the Real YOU] as an illusionary projection … NOT ‘out there’ somewhere. It is a ‘precise’ reflection of the fragmented conditioning that manifests the false self and nothing that occurs in this projected illusion does so that is NOT a perfect ‘out-picturing’ of that conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory and imagination], and … each one’s world is unique to their own conditioning.

When conditioning has dissolved, taking the false self with it [Self Realization], this ‘dream world’ is experienced ‘as’ LOVE, no matter how dysfunctional the collective conditioning ‘version’ of it appears to be. It is ‘impossible’ for the mind [false self] to understand this, but it is the ‘only’ way the world can be ‘experienced’ Truly.

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