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Dreaming of a better future is a form of ‘resistance’ and common in the ‘positive thinking’ community. It is the attempt to manipulate the dream-world experience so that it is as comfortable and cozy as possible. This is a conscious ‘avoidance’ of those things that ‘trigger’ one, and without the awareness that this is a blessing - seems like a normal aspiration.

Saying YES to ‘What Is’ is True Surrender. It is NOT necessarily ‘agreeing’ with What Is … it is simply ‘non-resistance’ and in that - ‘suffering’ dissolves and the opportunities to dissolve the conditioning that keeps you in bondage … presented through ‘triggers’, are ‘not’ missed.

“Whatever is destined to happen WILL happen, do what you may to prevent it. This is certain.” - Ramana

BOOKS by John Mc.Intosh

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